Legal service connected with emission of shares and bonds

Jakub Chabin

1. consulting in the scope of original and secondary offers preparation (as private/public offers), including bonds rolling, taking into account the capital market requirements and expectations, in particular:
• selection of the offer type (private/ public, with or without prospectus, with maintenance of the subscription right or with exclusion of the subscription right etc.),
• preparation of resolution on emission of shares/bonds,
• drawing up contracts for share take over or forms of bonds purchase offers,
• preparation of terms and conditions of bonds emission and regulations of bondholders meetings,
• drawing up offer documentation, information memorandums, teasers, presentations and other documents necessary for the purpose of emission performance,
• trainings for the management boards related to fulfillment of information obligations or rules of corporate governance;

2. consulting in the scope of shares/bonds emission security, in particular:
• selection of security method (mortgage, registered pledge, guarantee) taking into account the capital market requirements and expectations,
• preparation of contracts, court applications and other documents for the purpose of security establishment,
• bond supplementary insurance or security changes,
• performance of security administrator function.