Business consulting

dr Piotr Bober

1. Mergers and acquisitions:
• creation of merger and acquisition strategies,
• support in negotiations,
• identification of acquisition objectives and investors,
• optimisation of financial and legal terms,
• optimisation of the transaction time frame,
• planning of financial and tax aspects of transactions,
• post-transaction consulting.

2. Valuation and management of total corporate value:
• valuation and management of total corporate value
• valuation of intangible assets, including trademark,
• valuation of shares,
• consulting in acquisition price allocation,
• analysis of assets for financial reporting purposes.

3. Operational restructuring:
• changes leading to increase of sales and strengthening market position of your business thanks to, for example, flexible pricing policy,
• changes in the existing range of products or services offered by your business,
• improvement of performance of tangible assets and human resources to adapt them to the prevailing market criteria,
• changes in the products offered by your business and methods of manufacture to make it one coherent process,
• changes in the structure of employment leading to cost reduction and best adaptation to the needs of the business,
• adaptation of the internal structure of the business to the strategy being implemented.

4. Financial restructuring:
• arrangements between creditors and debtors,
• optimisation of asset structure through sale, lease, and also implementation of strategic alliance model in relation to ongoing transfer of resources between partners,
• improvement of effectiveness of capital use.

5. Feasibility studies and business plans for:
• financial institutions,
• execution of investment projects,
• EU projects,
• executed transactions.

6. Due diligence:
• identification and delivery of reliable information (scope and structure agreed with the client) on the entity subjected to due diligence,
• identification and quantification of risks and threats in the entity subjected to due diligence.

7. Outsourcing in management:
• financial and analytical services,
• controlling,
• quality management,
• restructuring and reorganization projects,
• document management,
• logistics.