Every decision made in a business requires appropriate preparation. The purpose, type, area of business activities, and time frame of decisions determine the scope of necessary analysis and type of tools which should facilitate decision making process. Only in a situation when all processes in a business are properly managed, such business may develop and grow dynamically.

B/ Legal consulting

WFY Group offers comprehensive legal services, for example, in merger and acquisition transactions with venture capital and private equity funds, leveraged buyouts, sale of individual business units (assets) or the business. Our lawyers have acted in numerous court proceedings bringing decisions in favour of our clients. We have provided consultancy services in construction and infrastructure transactions concluded under public procurement procedures and on the basis of FIDIC contracts. We have negotiated numerous trade contracts, including contracts related to international trade partners of our clients.

C/ Tax consulting

Taxes constitute the key element of each transaction, and often the reason to take certain business decisions or reorganization. That is why we provide advice both to corporations and management boards on how to create tax-effective operational structures or specific transaction, and also on best ways to start or close a business in Poland. Our consulting services cover all aspects of taxation, from income tax, goods and services tax (VAT), international tax agreements, to inheritance tax and local duties and levies. We provide advice on all aspects of corporate and property transactions, mergers, acquisitions, and also current matters such as taxes related to employment.